Why we started Specialty Clocks.

We first started making clocks for military members as gifts for those that I served with as a way to express my gratitude for their excellent service and friendship.  Then expanded into fund raising projects for the Armed Forces E9 Association (  Also for the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association.  After that I decided to go public and make clocks for people on a personal note.  It has been fun and exciting to provide these special made clocks of various towns, lighthouses, retirements, and others for the public.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at C &S Enterprises is to provide special made quality clocks on an as needed basis based on customer desires.  While we can warranty the special designed clock face, we cannot warranty the clock works itself as we did not manufacture that part or the actual clock as a whole.  We understand that customers want high quality workmanship and that is what we provide and hope that word of mouth will be favorable so that others may purchase their own clock.

Contact Information:  C&S Enterprises, 1253 Gatehouse Dr, Cary, NC  27511  919-469-3010 or