What is Specialty Clocks

Everyone wants to know what time it is so why not have a Special Clock that not only tells you the correct time but also has a clock face that means something to you or about you that you are proud of.  Maybe a promotion or wedding.  Perhaps an anniversary or graduation or even a military related theme.  Whatever the occasion, we at Specialty Clocks can make your dream clock come true.  Just let us know what you want and send us your photos or wording and we will make it happen.  Costs depends on complicity of the theme and shipping cost to your zip code address.

Email us at gssi36@earthlink for quotes.  Usual range around $25 to $30 per clock plus shipping charges of $6 to $8.  Advance payment required by check or money order.

Note:  Specialty Clocks has the right to refuse making clocks that may offend anyone based on our moral and religious beliefs.  No nudity, foul language, race bias, sexuality, etc.  All clocks are G rated as in G rated movies.